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Student Leadership

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'Together we can all affect change and be a positive beacon for others to follow'

The Student Council consists of a body of 15 students elected to represent each year group within school. The council meet half termly to discuss an agenda of current issues and affairs from student voice surveys, house meetings and other student leadership meetings. The minutes and actions from these meetings are chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl.

Often the discussion points within the meetings have a wider school focus and students are invited to discuss their viewpoints and proposals with members of the Senior Leadership Team. This year we plan to invite a range of guest speakers to work with our Student Council on a range of tasks and further develop their leadership skills in various capacities.

Last year the Student Council played an important role in the development of the new knowledge planners, school catering and activity week. Invitations to members of the school staff and Governing body allowed the School Council to ask questions and better understand issues that were important to students. The Student Council and additional students attended the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court, helping them gain a better understanding of the nation’s leadership and law making. They also had a personal visit from the MP Amanda Milling where they gained first-hand knowledge of representing their peers and had the opportunity to ask her some challenging questions about local and national issues and discussed their thoughts on education in general.

Kingsmead School is a place where students are at the heart of all that we are and believe in. Our students on a daily basis embody the values and spirit of what it is to be a member of the Kingsmead community.

As the world changes at an ever-increasing rate it is now more important than ever that students feel empowered to make a difference; to be part of a change that they wish to see. We want our students to be productive, confident members of school and the wider community and world, able to face the challenges and responsibilities of modern life.

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