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Contrary to the claims made by other schools, Kingsmead School achieved the best results across the English Baccalaureate in the Cannock, Rugeley and Chase Terrace area!

In 2019, Kingsmead’s students achieved the highest average grade across the ‘English Baccalaureate’, which is a grouping of the academically most rigorous subjects and includes:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages


Kingsmead’s 2019 GCSE results have continued the school’s three-year trend of improvement, with four of the school’s headline performance measures rising to record levels. Chief amongst this is the school’s improved Attainment 8 score, or the average grade our students achieved across eight of their subjects (including English, Maths and Science).

With regard to English and Maths, the percentage of students achieving a standard pass (grade 4) in both has increased by 9% on 2018, and is now 57%. The reason for this is the increase of 7% in the proportion of students achieving 9-4 in Maths (now 61%). With a score of 31%, we have also maintained the proportion of students achieving the grade 5 (or good pass) threshold in both English and Maths, compared with 2018.

The progress of Kingsmead students in English is above the national average. An increase of 10% was also seen in the proportion of students achieving both the ‘4 and above’ and ‘5 and above’ thresholds in English (alone), with these now standing at 79% and 61%.

There have also been increases in the proportion of students entering (23%) and achieving (15%) the academically rigorous ‘English Baccalaureate’.

The school’s fantastic Science results were above the national average (with one quarter of our students achieving a grade above the national average).

Computer Science and Music results are also above the national average, whilst students are achieving national average outcomes or better in Art, Business Studies, Drama, Health & Social Care and many of the other subjects we offer.

The school’s 2019 GCSE results confirm the fact that Kingsmead has become the school of choice in the local area!

These figures include updates to the published provisional results (for example due to late results and amendments following re-mark requests) which we expect the DfE to publish in the new year.



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