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Exams and Revision

In this section, you will find helpful advice and information to support you in the build up to your exams.

The Year 9 mock exams are essential preparation for you in advance of Year 10 and your journey towards your GCSEs at the end of Year 11. It is vital to prepare early and revise thoroughly for these exams in order to reach your full potential. You will learn which revision strategies work for you and how to perform under pressure. The topics to revise for each subject have been provided for you on this website alongside the exam board and course specifications.

In the two weeks before the Easter holidays, tutor time will be devoted to revision strategies and methods. These will include: mind maps, flash cards, revision posters, Post It notes and condensing notes from your work in class.

Other support available for you consists of: Saturday School, GCSE Pod, past papers and flash cards available from the KS4 Hub. Make sure you speak to subject teachers if you require any further help or do not understand something.

You are part of an outstanding year group and I know you will do your very best to achieve the results you deserve. Keep working hard!

Mrs Finch
Progress Leader Year 9


Hints and Tips

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