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Creating a revision timetable

Creating Your Revision Timetable: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Work out when you have your exams.

Add your exams to a Monthly Planner so you know which exams come first.

Step 2

Prioritise your subjects. Which subjects will take you longest to revise?

Focus on subjects you feel least confident in. Start revising these subjects first. These are the subjects that you need to work on.

Step 3

Limit yourself to studying FOUR subjects per day.

Make a note of which subjects you will revise on each day. Record this onto your Monthly Planner.

Step 4

Identify which topics you will study on each day, and how long you will spend on them. Record this on your Monthly Planner.

Give yourself an evening off each week, and some time off at the weekend. Build in time to re-visit topics studied previously.

Step 5

Colour code your planners in a way that works for you.

You could use different colours for each topic.

Period 6 is a great way for students to get tutoring from their teaching staff. This is our third year with Year 11 and it is getting more and more popular. We have responded to demand and Mrs Greenwood has now set up a Period 6 for Year 10. This is a great way to address any misconceptions, practice applying your knowledge and challenge what you know. In fact, in Science the sessions are open for Year 9 and Year 10.


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