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Statutory key information
1. School name, address and phone number

Kingsmead School

King's Avenue


Staffordshire, WS12 1DH

Tel: 01543 227320

Email: office@kingsmeadschool.net

2. A named person who deals with enquiries

Contact Mrs D Derry (the Head's PA)

Email: d.derry@kingsmeadschool.net

3. Name of the Head of School

Mrs M Mincher

4. Name and address of the chair of the governing body

Mr C Hunt

Kingsmead School

King's Avenue


Staffordshire, WS12 1DH

5. Name and details of your SEN co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mr D Farrell

Email: d.farrell@kingsmeadschool.net

6. Full name, address and telephone number of school MAT


CEO: Mr M Donoghue

John Taylor High School

Dunstall Road

Barton Under Needwood


DE13 8AZ

Telephone: 01283 247800

Email: office@jths.co.uk

7. Pupil premium information and spend analysis


8. Year 7 Catch-up Premium including spend analysis http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/catch-statement
9. Careers Leader in School Mr S Cope s.cope@kingsmeadschool.net 01543 227320
10. Independent, impartial advice and guidance co-ordinator Mrs J Butler j.butler@kingsmeadschool.net
11. Careers link governor Mr R Dyke r.dyke@kingsmeadschool.net
12. CEIAG+ Careers approach



13. Curriculum content

<This is currently being updated >


14. School's approach to curriculum

<This is currently being updated >

15. How to obtain additional information on the curriculum?

Please contact: KS3 - Mrs Mist Assistant Headteacher Email: j.mist@kingsmeadschool.net KS4 - Mr Mist Deputy Headteacher Email: d.mist@kingsmeadschool.net KS5 - Mrs Pritchard Assistant Headteacher Email d.pritchard@kingsmeadschool.net

16. KS4: A list of courses available to students, including GCSEs Art, Business Studies, Citizenship, Combined Science, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, French, GCSE PE, Geography, German, Health & Social care, History, ICT:cam/nat, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Performing Arts, Religious Studies, Sociology, Technology: Food, Technology: Product Design.
17. Post-16 qualifications on offer All courses offered are validated and meet the 16-19 study programme requirements - please contact Mrs Pritchard (d.pritchard@kingsmeadschool.net) for more information if you are interested
18. KS4 exam results and destinations (2018) http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/most-recent-summer-exam-results
19. KS5 exam results and destinations (2018) http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/most-recent-summer-exam-results
20. Admission arrangements including appeals diary



21. How we consider applications for every year KS3 and KS4? Admissions follow the guidance given by the LEA. Please find in the additional link to this page information about Y6 and in-year admissions. Kingsmead school is a comprehensive school and does not select students on ability.
22. How we consider applications for every Post-16 student? Admissions are considered based on GCSE APS against minimum course requirements.
23. What parents should do if they want their child to attend our school? Please contact the Head's PA (Mrs D Derry). We can arrange for you and your child to visit the school and be taken on a tour as well as answer any questions you may have. Application packs are available from the office. Information regarding admissions are included above as point 16. 
24. Kingsmead oversubscription criteria < Kingsmead is oversubscribed in Year 7 from 2019. An oversubscription approach is currently being ratified > 
25. Behaviour policy http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/JT%20MAT%20Positive%20Behaviour%20Management%20and%20Exclusion%20Policy%202016.pdf
26. Statement of values and ethos http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/values
27. Charging and remissions policy



28. Complaints procedure http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/JTMAT%20Compliments%20Comments%20and%20Complaints%20Policy%20for%20Parents%202018.pdf
29. Whistleblowing policy http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/Safeguarding%20Whistle%20Blowing%20Policy.pdf
30. SEN information report



31. Accessibility plan



32. A link to our most recent Ofsted report http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/ofsted-reports
33. Equality objectives http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/Equality%20Policy%20Statement%20%282018%29%20docx.pdf
34. Details of how we comply with the public sector equality duty http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/Equality%20Policy%20Statement%20%282018%29%20docx.pdf
35. Exclusion arrangements http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/sites/kingsmeadschool.net/files/JT%20MAT%20Positive%20Behaviour%20Management%20and%20Exclusion%20Policy%202016.pdf
36. Link to performance tables https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/142313 
37. Governance structure including committees http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/governors 
38. Governors names and roles http://www.kingsmeadschool.net/governors
39. GDPR policy and record management



40. Financial information and reporting page

Link to the financial information and reporting page on the Trust website


41. Details of how hard copies can be obtained Contact Mrs D. Derry - Headteacher's PA - d.derry@kingsmeadschool.net

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