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School Closure


You can read our latest communications to parents and carers on the Letters Home page, including the latest information regarding the reopening of schools in June.

Please find contact details in the tables below. You can download various resources at the foot of this page.

Contact Emails

We ask you to inform the school if your child is unwell and unable to complete work (in effect absent from remote learning)

Mrs Taylor

Year 7


Mrs Milner

Year 8


Mrs Finch

Year 9


Mr Taylor

Year 10


Mr Dyke

Year 11


Miss Bohn

Year 12/13


Mrs Gleeson will oversee with Miss Bohn – k.gleeson@kingsmeadschool.net 


Emergency Contact Numbers

In an emergency you can contact a member of staff, by phone, in school hours

Mr Mist

Staff Absence

07395 902322

Mr Cope

Home Remote Learning

07395 902120 

Mrs Pritchard


07395 902119

Mrs Mist

Any other concern

07395 902021 

Mr Pritchard

Free school meals, key-workers contact, on site issues

07852 494016

Mr Morris


07852 492666

Mr Stephens - student wellbeing - students needing this have been given the number.

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