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Gatsby Benchmarks

Kingsmead school follow the Gatsby career benchmarks. These are predominantly used as a robust framework for developing career guidance in schools that is world class.

We recognise that effective careers guidance is the driving force to securing futures. We want young people to fully understand the world of possibilities out there and make the most of their talents and create lasting careers.

We use the Compass tool to help us to audit our progress in meeting the Gatsby benchmarks. This is reviewed regularly.




A stable careers programme

Every year has at least 1 futures event, many have more.

The programme also includes dedicated tutor time and experiences in the curriculum.

We regularly evaluate the programme and this feeds into future events.


Learning from career and labour market information

We ensure every student has access to good quality information about future study options and the labour market.

Parents are encouraged in events to learn more and there are links on this website.

‘An audience with…’ run after school and is open to students and parents to learn more about careers identified as an interest from surveys in school.


Addressing the needs of each pupil

Students have different career guidance at different stages. The support is tailored and diverse as shown in our programme.


Linking curriculum learning to careers

Teachers link curriculum learning with careers. This is mapped out in schemes of work.


Encounters with employers and employees

Every student has multiple opportunities to meet with employers to discuss work, employment and the skills in the work place. We have visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes.


Experience of workplaces

Students do get the opportunity of real world work experience in sixth form enrichment.


Encounters with further and higher education

Students get meaningful encounters with providers of the full range of learning opportunities. FE, HE, apprenticeship are all represented in the futures day programme and futures fayre.


Personal guidance

Every student has access and receive at least one impartial and independent careers interview by the age of 16. Often they receive many more than one.


The school works with a number of business, FE and HE partners. These support a number of additional opportunities for students to gain relevant careers guidance. We have built and maintained these close relationships for a good few years. This enables the school to give impartial and independent advice from a number of sources.



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