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Kingsmead aims to help our learners to grow into leaders.

*  Our careers strategy is designed to include all learners and bridge the skills gap both locally and nationally. It has particularly focused on the business growth agenda for the local area.

*  We educate students on the world of work and the various routes into it.

*  We signpost how learning in the classroom supports the skills needed in the work place.

*  We focus on the needs of our students and our local community to ensure they are successful citizens and demonstrate wider British values.


Going forward our focus from a careers perspective is:

Priority 1: Enterprise – to develop and embed and Enterprise culture within and across the school curriculum.

Priority 2: Employability – to develop the employability of students with a focus on soft skill development, work place behaviour and exposure to the world of work.

Priority 3: Careers education and inspiration – to continue to add to the quality of careers guidance in schools.

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