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Transition to Secondary School

Transition to secondary school is one of the biggest and most significant changes in a child's life, which is why at Kingsmead we place the upmost importance on getting it right to ensure all of our new Year 7 students are happy, motivated and primed to be the best that they can be.

Our approach to transition consists of a bespoke programme of events that is tailored to enable all new students feel the warm welcome Kingsmead offers and to develop an awareness and application of key attributes that make a good learner. We look to hone core values such as being resilient, innovative, mindful and employable. We help to grow students who are bold, creative, unafraid to take risks in their learning, believes in their abilities and demonstrates resilience no matter the challenge in front of them. Our aim is to instil these skills in our students from the very beginning so that they can go on to be the best that they can be.

Please see the timetable below for a summary of the Transition Process for 2020 / 21:


· Offers for secondary school places made

· Transition Forms sent to Primary Schools

· Welcome packs sent to all students offered a place at Kingsmead including:

1. Welcome Letter

2. Uniform Policy and Information on how to purchase Uniform

3. Data Collection Sheets

4. Biometric Permission Slip

5. Home - School Agreement

6. Publicity Consent Form

March - April

Mr Truby (Senior Leader KS3) visits all Primary Schools to meet all Year 6s coming to Kingsmead and meets with Year 6 staff.


Parents receive 2nd letter from Kingsmead, offering finer details on Transition Days in June.


  • Parents receive 3rd letter from Kingsmead, informing parents and students of the House and tutor group their child has been placed in, including in depth details of Transition Days and Induction Evening.
  • Virtual welcome Quizzes take place on Zoom, where Year 6 can meet their new peers for the first time and their new tutor in a low pressure environment!

End of June 2021  - Transition Days

Year 6 students spend three days at Kingsmead, getting a taste of secondary school life and begin their induction to Kingsmead, our core aims are:

´ 1. To set the highest expectations and to begin to embed the Kingsmead way

´ 2. To welcome you to Kingsmead in a warm, engaging manner

´ 3. To develop rapport and start to build friendships between yourself and other year 6 students  

Activities during Transition week include;

1. Team Bonding activities with their new peers

2. Practical, collaborative workshop sessions exploring the attributes of a Kingsmead Learner

3. Taster Lessons in subjects they will study in Year 7

4. Starring in the 'Class of 2025' Music Video!

Tuesday July 6th 2021 - Induction Evening 6:00pm

Year 6 students and parents invited to Kingsmead to meet their form tutors, gain vital information about school systems including the student planner, homework, student support, the school day etc. Students and parents will also meet Mr Truby who will welcome you to Kingsmead and present key information and answer myths and worries students (and parents!) may have about September.

Our Transition programme doesn't end there though….

At Kingsmead we place valuable emphasis on the start that our learners make to high school and realise the importance of been supported, nurtured and challenged. Throughout Year 7, students are set a series of challenges and take part in a number of exciting events that further develop their Kingsmead Learner attributes and integrate them into the Kingsmead family.

Year 7 Induction Week

All Year 7s begin their life at Kingsmead with a bespoke programme of activities and sessions aimed at promoting positive relationships between students and preparing them for secondary school life, including:

Workshops developing skills in Resilience, Extended Writing, Communication, Organisation, Self-Esteem, Building Relationships etc.

School Wide Treasure Hunt - working in groups, students solve puzzles around the school, meeting their teachers along the way and learning their way around Kingsmead!

Orienteering and Team Building Competitions

CAT Tests - These provide the school with valuable data to help us cater for each student's learning needs.

GL Assessments – National, external assessments to enable Kingsmead to track and measure the progress, value added  areas to develop for each student in English, Maths and Science.

Year 7 Celebration Evening

One of the best events on the school calendar! We end Year 7 induction week on the Friday evening with a celebration of the achievements and milestones achieved during their first week at Kingsmead, including:

· Awards and Certificates for competitions taken part in during Induction Week.

· Special Head of House Awards for students who have made an exceptional first impression.

· Performances by some of Kingsmead's finest.

· The launch of the 'Year 7 Reward Card'.

Year 7 Reward Card

During the first term up until Christmas, Year 7 are set the challenge to attain signatures from all of their teachers in return for demonstrating the qualities of a Kingsmead Learner in lessons, whether it is producing outstanding work or being resilient in learning something new. They also have to acquire a further 6 'Wider Life' signatures for taking part in extra-curricular activities.

All students who are successful in handing their card to Mr Truby by the Christmas deadline are rewarded as follows:

· KS3 'Reward Disco'

· KS3 Movie Night

· XP

· Surprise Reward!

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