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May Assessments

Why are we holding them?

Both Y11 and Y13 have already sat two sets of mock exams and assessments this academic year (in the Autumn term and March). However, we believe that sitting a third and final set of assessments in May is vital for two reasons. Firstly, not all of the students’ learning was assessed in the Autumn mocks and March assessments. The second reason is that, in previous years, the standard of work of some students has improved between the Autumn/March mocks and their final assessments. The May assessments will increase the range of accurate and representative evidence that teachers can use to determine your child’s TAGs.

The arrangements

From Monday 10th May, assessments will take place under examination conditions and the supervision of class teachers, during the students’ normal timetabled lessons. Your child’s full May assessment timetable accompanies this letter and will also be shared with both you and your child by email.

The May assessments have been designed so they can be completed by students in under one hour. We also want the students to succeed in these assessments, so sitting them in the familiar surroundings of their classrooms, under the supervision of their own teachers, should reassure them and give a boost to their confidence.

Conducting the assessments in classrooms, with high levels of control, is also an important ‘mechanism’ to ensure that teachers are confident in the authenticity of your child’s evidence. The JCQ posters at the bottom of this page will be displayed outside every classroom where assessments are taking place, as a reminder of the regulations that students need to follow. For this reason too, we will follow the JCQ guidance and not share the assessment questions with students before their assessment, unless this is part of the subject’s normal practice (for example pre-release material in Creative Media).

Revision at home

It goes without saying, that these May assessments will only provide accurate and representative evidence if your child revises and prepares for them thoroughly. Your child is expected to continue with their independent revision at home, in the final weeks leading up to the assessments. As always, teachers will do everything they can to support your child in their lessons.

As parents, you also have an important role to play in encouraging and supporting them as they revise independently. Your child can revise in many different ways. Firstly, their teachers are setting appropriate revision activities for them to complete at home, via the blended learning platform, show my homework and the other subject specific platforms which Kingsmead uses. Your child should also already be revising independently using the texts books that they were provided with. They can also use online revision resources, such as GCSEPod.


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