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March Assessment Arrangements

The assessments will take place under examination conditions in classrooms, during the students’ normal timetabled lessons. Students will also be asked to sign a declaration, confirming that the work produced in the assessment is their own. The period 6 timetable will also continue as normal. The students will then leave school at 3pm, so they can continue with their revision independently, at home.

Please note, not all subjects will have scheduled assessments during March. Some students have already sat all of their component exams/assessments for their BTEC subjects. However, these students will still be working towards their final grades, as they will spend the March assessment period continuing with their remaining coursework assignments.

Even though students will be sitting their assessments in classrooms, Kingsmead School’s expectations remain the same:
• Students must wear their full school uniform at all times during the mock exam season (Monday 22nd March – Thursday 1st April.).
• Students should still arrive at school no later than 8.20am – this so they can arrive at their assessment venue in good time and can make an orderly start.
• Students must bring all of the equipment they will need to each assessment – you can find more information in the school’s Student Guide to Exams 2020-21, which is available at the bottom of this page.

Conducting the assessments in classrooms, under controlled conditions, is an important part of our strategy for preparing the students for their final assessments in the summer. We want the students to experience shorter assessments – similar to those they will face in May. Accordingly, the March assessments have been designed so they can be completed by students in one hour, or less. We also want the students to succeed in these assessments, so sitting them in the familiar surroundings of their classrooms, under the supervision of their own teachers, should reassure them and inspire confidence.

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