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A level results 2020

Kingsmead School Students Smash Prior Record for A-Levels 

In unprecedented times, Kingsmead students have achieved the best results for Level 3 qualifications in the school’s history. 63% of A-Levels taken achieved the highest grades (A*-B).  33% of results are A* or A grades compared with the previous record across the country of 27% in 2019. 

This is a reflection of 2 years of hard work and dedication to studies as well as quality support, planning and teaching from specialist staff. 

Maria Mincher, Head of School, has said: “Students at our school have proved that with excellent, consistent teaching they are more than able to achieve better than national average results. I am proud of each young person who has lived through and risen to the challenges of 2020 and thrived at Kingsmead School. Their achievements are a credit to them, their parents and staff.” 

Kingsmead’s popular 6th form continues to attract students from within and outside the current Year 11. In a year where financial constraints have affected curriculum offers across the country, Kingsmead continues to prioritise a broad offer through experts in their field. It is worth noting that alongside all the traditional subjects we also offer Criminology, Law, Animal Management, Further Maths, Computer Science, Sport and Health and Social Care. Please see our website for the full suite of subjects and if there is something you are passionate about, please contact us as we are always open to new courses. 

Special mentions go to: 

Holly Barfield (A*, A*, A) – Business, Further Maths, Maths

Roan Lilly (A*, A, A) – Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry

Jevon Bahia (A*, A, A) – Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Lara Tolley (A*, A, A) – Maths, Computer Science, Biology

Molly Ashman (3 Distinction *) – Double Sports BTEC, Media 

Kingsmead’s extensive school careers and extra-curricular programmes have enabled high levels of academic performance in all subject areas and allowed students to secure the university course or route of their choice. All students were able to progress onto their desired courses including Medicine, Maths, Criminology, Computer Science, Midwifery, Physics and Astronomy. Destinations include University of Sheffield, University of Birmingham, Durham University, Warwick University and Loughborough University. Several other students have achieved places on higher degree apprenticeship schemes including a Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship with AirBus. 

Matt Cavanagh, Head of 6th Form, added: “We are proud of what our young people have achieved. Despite the additional challenges they have faced this year, they have lived up to our high expectations. They have demonstrated a resilience built out of a diverse set of skills and experiences shared throughout their time at Kingsmead and their relentless hard work and drive are clearly evident in these results.” 

Chris Hunt, Chair of Governors, added: “The Governors are delighted with these impressive results.  The local community has seen over the last twelve months the huge strides that the school has made in the quality and innovation of Learning and Teaching and well-being. As the Chair of Governors I often have the pleasure of hearing how highly regarded the school is by parents, students and the people of Hednesford.” 

Mike Donoghue, CEO of JTMAT, added: “The school’s reputation for academic excellence continues to grow year on year. I wish all Year 13 students from Kingsmead every success for the future, knowing as I do, that they've been well-prepared for it by their school. 

Kingsmead clearly stands out as a destination of choice for high academic success, care and expectation, as demonstrated through an ever-growing 6th form and being an oversubscribed school.”

The 6th form hub is the epicentre of independent study and learning for Year 12 and 13 students.  This is where you will find a well-resourced area tailored to develop students’ understanding in their various areas of specialism. 

At Kingsmead we value each person as an individual, we develop their strengths and support them on their pathway to achieve their aspirations. There is a well-established student leadership team, which offers a wide range of experiences. The 6th Form Pledge ensures that all students receive a personal development programme and mental health and well-being support, as well as opportunities to be part of and contribute to our community throughout their time with us.

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