What we do for our students

Kingsmead school is focused on helping every individual to grow.  It is important that we find what each student needs to help them to be the best that they can be.  We know that learning is not always easy and we are commited to ensuring students learn the attitudes to succeed such as resilience and never giving up.  Students are taught skills which ensure they are always ready to learn and able to demonstrate this.  All of this helps our students to grow a thirst for knowledge.

Kingsmead school also make sure that students see their role and place in the world as a whole.  They have a chance to meet with local people, businesses and contribute to their community.  We promote students to behave with honour and respect.

Kingsmead school pride ourselves on helping students to meet their academic potential.  We also firmly believe that learning should include more.  We pledge that students leave Kingsmead with key life skills as well as great grades.  We have identified 30 commitments to wider learning for our students.  These include the opportunity to learn through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, learning another language and having basic financing skills.

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