The Kingsmead Learner

Since the launch of the 'Kingsmead Learner' students and staff have been working hard to ensure this ethos is reflected in every lesson for every student.  The Kingsmead Learner is built around the 4Ps: Positive, Prepared, Polite and Proud.  Students are rewarded when they demonstrate they are a Kingsmead Learner.


The Kingsmead Learning Cycle

The Kingsmead Learning Cycle is seen in every lesson in the school.  Students are given the chance to 'connect' and engage with a concept.  They then 'initiate' this by modelling or researching information.  This then leads to 'activating' the learning by applying what they have learnt to different situations/scenarios.  Finally students 'consolidate' their learning checking that they have understood the key principles.



"The introduction of the 'Kingsmead Learner' are constantly referred to." Ofsted 2015

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