Saturday School

Kingsmead is in it's 12th year of running a highly successful Saturday school.  The session has a proven track record of raising students' self-esteem, attitude to learning and progress.  Saturday School is open for students of all years.  It is true that the majority of students are Year 10/11/12/13, however more and more Year 7/8/9 are coming along - we welcome all.

Saturday school runs from 10am - 1pm and open to Kingsmead students in all years.  In fact you can come for as long or as little time as you want so you don't have to feel you need to stay for the fully 3 hours.  You sign in and out you do not need to be in school uniform. 

There are staff from a range of subjects on hand to help with the work and access to computers and revision material.

Saturday school is open on specific dates to maximise the number of staff we can have in and the sessions we can run.  These are listed below.  


  • 17th November 2018
  • 1st December 2018
  • 8th December 2018
  • 19th January 2019
  • 26th January 2019
  • 2nd February 2019
  • 9th February 2019
  • 18th February 2019  - Half Term
  • 2nd March 2019
  • 9th March 2019
  • 23rd March 2019
  • 30th March 2019
  • 6th April 2019
  • 15th April - Easter Holiday
  • 4th May 2019
  • 11th May 2019
  • 18th May 2019
  • 27th May 2019 -Half Term
  • 8th June 2019
  • 15th June 2019


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