Saturday School

Kingsmead has a proud tradition of opening the school on a Saturday for students to come into school and continue with their studies.

Saturday School takes place between 10.00 and 1.00 in the library. It is open for all students from years seven through to thirteen.

There are a range of staff available to support students with their studies. Students also have access to the school computers and resources.

Students sign themselves in and out of the library and value the relaxed atmosphere. There is no need for school uniform and they do not need to stay for the whole three hours.

Students use Saturday School for a range of different reasons. Many attend Saturday School to complete homework and coursework, with others using it as an opportunity to study alongside their friends. Students also take advantage of Saturday School as it provides a calm, quiet environment where they can revise.

Students have told us that they value Saturday School as they are “able to revise in a peaceful environment with the help of teachers.” Furthermore, students have reported how it has helped them with their revision as “there are more people around to gain knowledge from.”

Saturday school is open on specific dates to maximise the number of staff we can have in and the sessions we can run.  These are listed below.  


·         23rd March 2019

·         30th March 2019

·         6th April 2019

·         15th April - Easter Holiday

·         4th May 2019

·         11th May 2019

·         18th May 2019

·         27th May 2019 -Half Term

·         8th June 2019

·         15th June 2019


If you would like more information regarding Saturday School please contact Mr Dyke:


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