Revision Resources

Websites recommended by our staff that support your GCSEs this year.

 There are also links to resources you can use to make revision tools (like q/a cards and mind maps). 

SubjectWebsiteResources (include past papers)

Business Studies  See the attachment below for a number of past papers and mark schemes 
Citizenship   Power point slides with lots of notes in the attachments section below

Health & Social  See the attachments listed below - revision notes and materials
History - Medicine through time

History - Germany


Science (OCR Spec B Additional Science)

See the attachments for all the key questions and answers booklets

See the attachments for additional support material  A good programme about general revision and how best to remember key information.



** Reminder ** Year 11 Students please check the websites 'news items' for your Kingsmead Monthly Maths Revision.



Resources that you can print off - includes key questions

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