Year 7-8


Welcome to KS3

Our KS3 and transition team are in both an exciting and a privileged position to be able to shape the early stages of learning at Kingsmead.

We understand that each student in KS3 is unique.  We believe the student's ability to be innovative, resilient, mindful and employable will enhance their chances of academic success and allow them to grow to have a positive impact on the world around them.  We aim to ensure that every student who joins Kingsmead is supported and we will help them to strive to be the best that they can be.

The KS3 Team are based together in a suite of rooms called the KS3 Hub.  This team of dedicated members of staff work together to support students throughout Year 7 and 8.  Mrs Milner and Mrs Finch are our two fantastic non-teaching Assistant Progress Leader, who are available throughout the day, to help students to acheive their potential.  Mr Truby and Mr Broomhall are the two inspirational KS3 Progress Leaders who, although they have a teaching timetable, work daily with students to ensure they continue to make the best progress.

If you need any support or guidance (no matter what it is) contact us on:


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