Year 11 - specific tasks to support independent learning

As advertised, here is some specific and targeted work for our Year 11.  Please see the tasks set by your subject staff including the attachments below.  These can form work for the next few days and form your revision.

As also advertised Saturday school will not be open this week we are afraid.  Do however use the materials attached to support your learning.

If this work generates questions or areas you want to go through with your teacher, jot them down and bring them to your next lesson.


Art and Technology

See attachments


See attachments below


See attachments


Year 11 are currently working on their final unit which is a performance unit.  Their revision needs to be as follows:


  • To learn their lines for their chosen scripted extract (All have hard copies of their scripts)
  • Make sure that their role of the performer report is complete
  • Research into their chosen play is complete
  • Complete a character profile
  • Complete a logbook of their last rehearsal.

All guide sheets are on the student shared area under Drama and Performing Arts,KS4, Acting Skills.


English Language

1. Create a mindmap which demonstrates revision of the requirements of the 5 questions on Paper 2.

2. There are 4 English Language Paper 2s on the student shared area under English/Key Stage 4.


English Literature

1. Create a mindmap revising the plot, main characters and themes of An Inspector Calls.

2. Revise the 15 poems from the AQA Poetry Anthology - the BBC GCSE Bitesize website has handy revision quizzes that will help with this.



The revision booklets for Year 11 Are in the student area.


W:Student Shared Area/Geography/ KS4/ Revision New

 Students can access the revision materials and work on answering questions and making revision cards mind maps.


See attachments below


-2 colour mindmap/bullet points Germany

-Turn these into flash cards.

-‘The success of Hitler’s leadership was down to intimidation and fear’ how far do you agree with this statement. (18 marks)



See attachments below




Please find attached some work for year 11, there is one set of sheets for foundation and one for higher, the answers are on the second page in each case so they can check their answers once completed.


For practice on specific topics log onto Hegarty.


For exam questions log onto PIXL, go to “Daily challenge” OR “Take a Test”. This will create an individual test based on November Mocks.


PIXL log on:

·         School ID - KM816

·         User ID - Surname, first initial of their first name: eg SmithA

·         Password: currently set to: Surname, first initial of their first name: eg SmithA



Students are to continue to work through the news homework booklet, completing activities from different starred tasks.


They are aware of what they have to do and have been set different activities but from the same sheet before.


This is for all year 11 media classes.



See attachments below


All revision resources you need can be found in the Science folder in the student shared area.

You should also all be signed up to Quizlet and joined the relevant class i.e. in the search bar type 

'kingsmead 1123' then click the CLASS button and join.

You should then be completing the flash cards and revision games for the modules you have recently studied

Biology 6-7, Chemistry 9-10 & Physics 6-7



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