Y11s have a treat before the break and Easter school

Our Year 11s have been demonstrating daily our values over the last few months, in particular, being resilient and employable as they prepare for their exams.  It was our turn as staff to model another one of our values...being mindful. 

Exams are stressful to prepare for and today Year 11s had the opportunity to see the real benefit of sometimes taking a moment out to recharge.  As you can see from the photos the students have been buoyed by the wide range of animals bought in by Scott and his team.  "This has really helped!" "I'm so happy" "It's nice to do something like this - thank you" are just a few comments from our students.  Every Year 11 in school is having this opportunity in a small slot of time in amongst the revision sessions that have continued today. 

Our Easter school is another aspect of what we are doing to prepare students for the exams.  Not only are they having the chance to unpick exam questions, review difficult concepts and check understanding but they also are learning how to handle stress with the exams just a month away.  The Easter programme and other resources are available on this website.


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