Y11 prepare for half term revision...

The Key Stage 4 Hub was filled with Year Eleven Students today as  they collected past exam papers and revision cards in preparation for their revision over half term.

Mr Dyke, Progress Leader for Year Eleven, said, “We weren't sure that Year Eleven Students were fully aware where they could get their past papers from, so we made it a little more obvious for them.”

However beneath the big signs and the flashing lights that have been installed, there remains a brilliant way for students to prepare for their forthcoming exams.

There are past papers available for students in the Key Stage Four Hub. Students can collect them before and after school and during their break and lunch times. Past papers will also be made available in the Key Stage Four Hub when students attend their half term revision sessions.

In recent revision sessions it was explained to students that completing past papers was possibly the best way to help them prepare for the exams they will face. It allows them to prepare for the exams, and anticipate questions that they may face. It also highlights areas that students may want to focus further revision on.

All subject areas have provided past papers for students to collect in the coming weeks in the run up to their GCSE exams.



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