Uniform update regarding queries

As a school, we aim for our uniform to be reasonably priced and one that is durable.  

We'd like to thank a parent through our facebook link who queried whether the recent school tie she had purchased this week was right as it didn't match someone elses.

We were not aware of a problem and contacted Crested schoolwear who have looked into the issue for us.

We understand that the suppliers have changed and there was an error with some parts of uniform.  Crested schoolwear have quickly responded to offer replacing incorrectly branded uniform.


To clarify the issues and how they can resolved:

  • For any tie purchased where the school logo is above the stripes (at the very top of the tie), this is wrong.  They can be returned to either the store or us and will be swapped for the correct tie, free of charge.  The crown should be between the two sets of double stripes.
  • For the blazer, some have 'achievement and pride' as one word rather than what is should say 'challenge achievement pride.'  We are happy for these to be worn, if you choose, however if you do wish to change them for one with separate words, you can return them to the shop for a correctly printed one and a partial refund. 


These are the only uniform items affected.

Crested schoolwear and Kingsmead would like to apologise for any inconveniance this has caused.




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