Transition days wow our future new Y7s

Between Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th June, Kingsmead welcomed all of our Year 6s / future new Year 7s for 3 days where we set the highest expectations for our students in September, giving them a warm welcome and delivering a vast range of workshops and events that capture the excitement and positivity of starting a new chapter in their learning at Kingsmead. In addition to taster lessons, students undertook workshops developing attributes as part of the ‘Kingsmead Pledge’ such as resilience, organisation, listening etc. Students took part in a communication session aimed at developed oracy and presentation skills, putting on their own debates among their peers as well as crucial team building activities full of fun and excitement to ‘break the ice’ so to speak. To top it off, all Year 6s took part in our ‘Year 6 Transition Music Video’, where as a whole year group we recorded our vocals before filming our video in small groups in the Chroma Key room and it had its world exclusive premiere at Induction Evening last week! 

First impressions are everything and we have been genuinely blown away by the attitude, positivity and behaviour of our new students with staff having so many fantastic things to say about all of the pupils…quite possibly the best Transition Week yet!

This was followed by an excellently attended Induction Evening, with all parents/children being attentive and very positive about September as Mr Truby, Mrs Mincher and Mrs Mist spoke about expectations and day to day routines. Parents also had the chance to meet their child’s Progress Tutor and forge those such important contacts to ensure we are all working together to help the students full all of their potential whilst at Kingsmead. 

Please also see some of the kind feedback we have had from our parents regarding the Transition process. We expect Kingsmead students to be the best that they can be so in return we have to make sure we are continually giving and demonstrating the very best we can be to support and enable our young people.

A special thanks to all staff including Mrs Johnson (Head of Music) for all of their fantastic efforts and energies in making Transition week and Induction Evening a huge success! 

We can’t wait to get going in September and be the best Year 7 Kingsmead have seen yet!


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