Our Year 7's hit the ground running...

Over the last two days, Kingsmead's brand new Year 7 students began their journey with us.  On the first day they took part in team building activites and treasure hunts to solve puzzles and gain autographs from staff.  They also had a welcome assembly which included them receiving their very own house badge as well as words of welcome from Mr Truby (Transition Leader) and Mrs Mincher (Head of school). Today they have begun a bespoke programme of sessions developing key skills in Resilience and Building Friendships. They made an absolutely fantastic first impression with many staff, particularly commenting on their 'confident' and 'polite' demeanor.  The students also have had a brilliant time with responses such as 'this has been one of the best days of my life' and 'i've been looking forward to this day all year and I loved it'.  Mr Truby said 'Wow, what an outstanding start our Year 7s have made, their kindness, postive energy and  impeccable manners have bowled me over, I am so proud to be able to help support these young people in their first year at Kingsmead. I have set Year 7 the goal of being the best ever Year 7 to come to Kingsmead and this follows our mindset for Year 7 to be ' the best that we can be' '. Induction week continues tomorrow with sessions aimed at promoting self-esteem and good organisation. This is followed by our annual Year 7 Celebration Evening where all of Year 7 and their parents are invited to celebrate all of the positives and successes of the first week.  This includes many certificates and awards that Year 7 students have won overfor taking part in various  competitions/activities during their first week. We very much look forward to seeing our new Year 7s develop and grow into excellent learners and young people over the next year and beyond. 


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