Optional school work for 1/3/18

Unfortunately, we have had to close the school site today.  There are additional snow showers now that weren’t expected on top of compact snow.  With freezing temperatures and more snow this afternoon we have made this decision.  We have taken into account the safe travel of students and staff to and from school as well as their health and safety on site. 

We would always expect our students (as children) to enjoy the weather and act responsibly whilst having fun in our community.  We have good relationships with neighbours and businesses because of the politeness and caring natures our students.  We know they will continue this today.

We have provided here some useful optional links for activities that will engage and support the learning of our students in all years for today if they want them.  We would not expect students to do every activity clearly but if they would like to continue their learning there are a number of options from subjects below.


We are planning to be open tomorrow however please check the website throughout the day for updates.  We will make a decision and communicate this as early as we can.

Yr 7+8

Yr 9

Yr 10

Yr 11

Year 12/13



“Schools should remain open on snow days, no matter what”. Write an article for your school website explaining your point of view of this statement.


Research who Oliver Twist is and working conditions during the industrial revolution of 19thCentury Victorian England


Continue with tasks as directed in class





If they have forgotten their log in they could use my maths





There are exam papers saved by topic on the student shared area:


W:\Mathematics\KS4 (Yr 10 & 11)\Year 11 Past papers\Exam papers by topic


Year 12/13 can use mathsnetalevel which they should know the log in to (it’s on their Scheme of work in their folder)





Investigate an aspect of Science that interests you.  What major discoveries have shaped our understanding?

Students have revision grids in science they can be completing and using the Collins interactive website to revise from using their logins.

have exam questions and work lists on the shared area they can be completing.


Watch the weather forecasts and produce a weather map showing the weather over the weekend.

Ensure homework is complete. Spend time revising work done so far complete and create revision resources either mind maps or revision cards

Use revision guide and practice essay questions on topics taught so far

Art / technology

See attachments below

See attachments below

Continue with sketches.


Pupils can research why Christians have Christmas and how they celebrate it.

can make revision materials (mind maps, key word cards or notes) on topics we have learnt so far - using the link provided below. 




Students have their workbooks that they can work through.



Watch News round/the national news, what’s in the news today and how will it affect our society?

https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/z9kdmp3watch the clips and create a collage on what makes us British.


Revise everything covered so far. (See above for year 10 and 11 revision diagrams)

revision of the whole GCSE that has been covered they also have work books at home set by staff on different topics. They can use the revision booklet produced before the mocks if they didn’t use it then.



Create a snakes and ladders style board game based on their last unit of work (Y7 – Roman, Y8 – Slavery)  these board games will enable revision and can be kept to help with revision later this academic year.


Create revision material for what they have covered in Medieval Crime and Punishment – Can be in the form of flashcards, spider diagrams etc.


Create a timeline that focuses on Germany 1933-45, base flashcard questions on each of the key years – Useful set of revision videos found her on this YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFAD37646229C70AA

Complete their feedback to Mocks booklets/Create sets of flashcard questions based on topics they found difficult in their mock/Timelines for Germany Unit – Useful video for Crime & Punishment that covers the role of the death penalty - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hWcX9vZiKc&safe=active


for British and Germany students can be looking at their additional reading that is accessed on the shared area remotely, carrying out revision activities (fact files of people and events) as well as timelines etc.

Year 13 – For British they have just had work lists. Germany – they can work on work lists, exam technique, additional reading or revision. For their independent study work they can work  on their reading in preparation for the writing of their answers.



Complete either log book or task from the attachments below





analyse an advert of your choice using all elements of mise-en-scene, Hall’s three readings, target audience and positioning and layout.

They could all do this form home.


complete essay currently working on.

conduct revision for upcoming exams


Please attempt a labelling exercise of the human body.  How many bones can you name? 

Challenge task = highlight at least 4 different joints.

Please revise using the materials given out in class.  Additional material is available on GCSE bitesize.






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