National Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Anti-Bullying Week Poster

Here at Kingsmead we take bullying very seriously, as such, each year we whole heartedly embrace National Anti-Bullying Week and also how we as a school can keep our students safe and happy.  During this week our students have taken part in lots of activites organised by Mr Farrell; including looking back at key findings from the anti-bullying questionnaire that they completed in June 2017, workshops on 'How to deal with instances of name calling and redress the imbalance of power to empower students', 'rumour spreading; how it starts and how we can all negate the spread of rumours using three simple filter tests'.  We also ran a Tutor Group Pledge Competition, to see which Tutor could come up with the best anti-bullying pledge, with the winners choosing their own prize!


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