Mental Health Awareness Week

In hope to raise awareness for mental health this week, Mrs. Sharples and Mrs. Pritchard arranged a ‘giving back’ activity at break time for both Year 12 and 13 students. This involved students sending thoughtful and uplifting messages, then either naming themselves or sending them off anonymously, to thank and remind those around them that they are valued and they are important.  

The activity was held at break time, with a large population of students in both years attending. Head boy and girl, Charlie Walker and Kayleigh Ghent, were more than happy to provide the attending students with tea and biscuits, provided by the lovely Mrs. Gunner, whilst they opened their messages. There were so many messages placed in golden envelopes and named! It excited students, who were eager to find their name or their friend’s name amongst the many messages. The aim of reminding students, and staff, how appreciated and valued they are as individuals, and thanking them for their hard work, was a success for so many!

Mrs. Prichard, Head of Sixth Form, and Mr. Goodwin, Deputy Head, had a few words to say at the end of the activity, to thank those who attended and comment on the positive energy shared between staff and students.


 It has been another successful year in supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, and it is so important we appreciate those around us - we really never know what goes on behind closed doors, underneath the pressures of exams and wanting to achieve, so please be kind and be aware, but of course all Kingsmead students already do this on a daily basis! J


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