Large turnout to Kingsmead open evening

A large number of families recently visited Kingsmead on our open evening.  They had the opportunity to gain a flavour of what lessons, staff and students are like at Kingsmead.  There were experiments, building, baking and games as well as a number of staff who dressed up creating a lovely, entertaining atmosphere.

Kingsmead has continued to be a popular choice for students and parents who want a warm, friendly, family school.  We are keen to help all our learners to grow.  That is how we have managed to secure students places at Oxbridge and Russell group universities and high level degree apprenticeships.

The excellent transition that new students  receive has clearly struck accord and is something we are rightly proud of.  

We advise parents who are interested in a top class education for their children to consider us.  It is important to note that we do have places at the school and capacity to grow further.  We regularly welcome students both in and out of catchment.

If you would like to know more or arrange a visit in school time please contact the school office by phone 01543 227320 or



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