Kingsmead students love reading

Kingsmead have continued to promote reading for pleasure for our students, and impressing on those less keen how important a life skill reading is.

For three years students in Y7, Y8 and Y9 have been taking part in the Accelerated Reading scheme. Students have been encouraged to read as much as possible, and take a quick quiz after completing each book, to see whether they understood the story.

They all have a lesson every week dedicated to reading, with rewards for each book they borrow from the school library, and for reaching the targets for collecting quiz points.

This year alone the results have been rewarding with some students improving their reading by two, three or even FOUR levels throughout the year.

This has proved to be so successful that we are planning to expand the scheme so that parents may get involved, supporting their teenagers’ reading and progress. More will be revealed about AR HOME CONNECT in September!

There have also been Paired Reading groups held at tutor time, where some of our younger students have been paired up with a Sixth Former from Y12. They share a book, with the younger ones reading to the older students, chatting about any difficulties they found or words they did not understand, so they get more from the experience. It was among these students that some of the best improvements were made. Their confidence and skills were built upon, and made their Accelerated Reading lessons more meaningful.



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