Kingsmead celebrating fantastic 2018 GCSE results

Students and staff at Kingsmead are celebrating fantastic 2018 GCSE results.  These reflect a significant improvement in both attainment and progress.  Students have ‘blown us away’ with their achievement this year in the context of a shift to the more challenging 1-9 grading system.

Maria Mincher (Head of School) comments, “We are all proud of the outstanding achievement of our students and the tremendous effort our teachers have put in.  It’s been a huge pleasure to see so many happy students with new opportunities opening up as they achieve even better results than they expected. The results this year complement our outstanding A level results showing just how much value we are adding to students’ academic outcomes.”

There were particularly high performances from Science, English Literature and Performing Arts all of which far surpass last year’s national average.  Significant improvement seen in Maths and Modern Languages clearly bring them now very close to the national average.


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