Kingsmead are celebrating their 2017 GCSE results

Students and staff at Kingsmead are celebrating their 2017 GCSE results.  These results continue a three year trend of improvement in GCSE and A level outcomes, which is particularly pleasing in the ever changing national context.

Kingsmead have doubled the number of students who have achieved the top grades of A*-A (7-9).  We are particularly proud that 72% of students achieved a standard pass (9-4) in English. 


100% of students achieved a qualification enabling many to go onto their destination of choice.  Kingsmead School has achieved a consistently strong set of examination results for the last few years now, but it is not complacent and we will continue to build on this achievement.


Mrs M Mincher (Head of School) commented on these results, “We are encouraged with these results, they reflect the commitment of staff and students, and it is clear that Kingsmead continues to enable students to be the best that they can be.  It is pleasing to see our students achieving their goals and we congratulate them all on their achievement.”   


Students have demonstrated progress in a wide variety of subject areas, thanks to our broad academic and vocational subject offer.


Amongst the top performers were Emily Craft (9, 9, 8, 4 A*, 1 A, 2 Bs, L2D), Lois Brindley (8, 7,  6, 2 A*, 4 As 1 B, L2D*), Georgia Rose (9, 8, 6, 3 A*, 2 Bs, 1 C, L2D*, L2D), Jude Hughes (8, 7, 7, 2 A*, 3 A, L2D*, L2D), Megan Nicholson (9, 6, 6, 3 A*, 2 As, B, L2D), Jasmine Rainer (9, 6, 6 2 A*, 3 As, 2Bs, L2D), Megan Grantham (8, 8, 6 As, 1 B, L2D), James Robson (8, 6, 5, 1 A*, 4 As, 1 B, L2D*, L2D), Lewis Powell (7, 7, 6, 1 A*, 5 As, 1 B, L2D).  Many of these students will remain at Kingsmead and become part of the Oxbridge mentoring course for September aimed at increasing the number of students from Kingsmead who reach Oxford and Cambridge.


A special mention should go to Jai Ramah who achieved 11 A*-A grades.  Well done!


There were several students who achieved grade 9s.  These include:  Emily Craft (Maths and English), Megan Nicholson (Maths), Jasmine Rainer (Maths), Jai Ramah (Maths), Georgia Rose (Maths), Jay Dommett (English).


Mr I Bryant added, “I am delighted by these results and very pleased that so many of our Class of 2017 have chosen to continue their further education here at Kingsmead in our sixth form.  They can do so with strong exam results and a real confidence.  We are both delighted and hugely proud of them.”





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