Important: Email Disruption

Status Update

31/08/17 - 14:45PM - Outlook in school cause identified, working on resolution

31/08/17 12:02PM - Testing completed, email should now be accessible using your new windows 10 email (<Username> and password. Please see below for more details and limitations we are aware of.

31/08/17 10:44AM - Initial testing taking place with Win10 usernames and password

31/08/17 10:15AM - MS Sync Tool Config Changes completed awaiting intital sync to enable testing to take place

31/08/17 10:02AM - MS Sync Tool Updated - Awaiting initial sync before advance configuration can take place

31/08/17 9:30AM - Confirmed sent email is not being bounced back to the sender (all email currently being sent to addresses will be safe)

30/08/17 11:00PM - Possible solution identified

30/08/17 10:00PM - Issue identified: Password have not sync with o365 preventing logon

30/08/17 6:30PM - Initial sync of users successful with all users having a accounts and email address (Recieving of email successful)

30/08/17 6:10PM - Domain ( registered with new tenant

30/08/17 6:00PM - Successfully resolution, domain removed from current tenant

30/08/17 5:00PM - Call raised with Microsoft as domain had not removed

30/08/17 2:00PM - Domain removed from exisiting tenant (o365)

30/08/17 1:00PM - Email migration started

Reconnecting your emails 

Unfortunately, as a result of this issue we require staff to reconnect their devices and clients to their email.  We cannot do this for you unless you are in school and we have some availability.

The simplest way to view your email is to use the Office365 web portal: and enter your school email address and your new windows 10 password.

If you have not logged onto a Windows 10 computer in school you will need to change your password here from the default. To change your Windows 10 password please visit: entering your username in the following format JTHS\<Username>.


Once you have updated your password you should be able to logon to the Office365 portal and access your emails. At that point, you can on mobile devices remove your mail account and re-add it using the new password.

Know Issues

We are aware fo the following issues:

  • Outlook within school is not working correctly and will not connect to your mail accounts; the work around is to use the Office365 portal - Cause identified, working on solution
  • All staff emails should have transfered over, if you find you are missing email please let IT Support know.
  • OneDrive has not be migrated at present but will be shortly after we start the new term. You can use and access your old one drive documents by completing the following:
    • Visit 
    • Enter your email address in the following format <username> and your password prior to the end of the school year

Initial Message

Due to the migration of Kingsmead’s email system to a new network, email service will be degraded for all staff and students for a period of time.  While migration is underway, you can still access your old email via with the following details:


Username:         <username>

Password:          <old network password>


…so you will be using your normal school email address, but with a different name after the @ symbol.


When the migration has completed, staff will receive another text message letting them know – at that time, they should be able to access their email using their email address and new network password. If you find you are missing any of the emails from using it during the migration, please let us know at


If staff have not yet changed it from the default password (supplied via text message), you can do so via Remote Access at


Thank you for your understanding,



ICT Support


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