Futures Fayre 2019 - students take advantage of the great opportunity

At Kingsmead we understand that each child is unique: we strive to unlock the potential every person.

400+ students attended tonight's Futures Fayre once again showing our students have a thirst for knowledge and are ready to learn.  This was a fantastic turnout and included students from all years.  We also additionally welcomed parents and members of the community.  We were pleased that we had 40 providers on hand to share what they have to offer in terms of post 16 learning and to field any questions.  Whether the interest lay in apprenticeships, university, college, trade or business there was something for everyone.

Feedback from our providers has indicated the impression that our students, parents and community have had on them.

 "The students were an absolute delight throughout the entire fair. They were an absolute credit to your school, very polite and friendly but also have many questions and clearly came across as very determined. They were amongst some of the best students I have spoken too at events such as these (and I have done many!).  It is also worth noting as well throughout the entire event I had a queue of students waiting to speak to me. Every single one waited patiently and politely to speak to me and did not complain/walk off. That is rare in itself."  University of Birmingham



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