A fun introduction to life at Kingsmead for our new Y7

We were pleased to welcome our new Y7s yesterday.  They will be joining us in September however this Wednesday and Thursday play a key part of our extensive transition programme that runs through Y6 and throughout Y7.  It is the students chance to meet each other, to learn more about what makes a Kingsmead learner and the chance to get to know how the school works better.  Students had their first taste of secondary school lessons in the form of team building activities as well as recording the backing track for their own music video!  More is in store today including Science, English and Drama lessons and a chance to go in a real life green screen recording studio.  We are very excited about how our new Y7s have approached their start to secondary school.  We are keen to learn more about them as we recognise every child is different.  It is important we get know everyone as soon as possible so that we can help all students to become the best that they can be!


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