British Sign Language


Dear Parents,


Many of you will remember the Oscar winning film, The Silent Child, directed by an ex Kingsmead pupil Chris Overton.


I was so concerned that if I met a deaf pupil or adult that the lack of skill to understand sign language might mean that I inadvertently would discriminate a disability.


I have just finished a short 8 week course run with Chris’ mum and dad run by Nina Marvin. She ran a pupil after school club at Gorsemoor Primary School and is a signer working in a special school and college. Both of her children attended Gorsemoor.

She is very happy to run another course in the Autumn term for interested adults. The cost is £70 and you get the class materials needed and pays for her time. We have had 8  one and a half hour sessions beginning at 7.00 pm . Wednesdays were her best day. Venue to be decided. If anyone is interested then please let me know. It probably will start end of September when term has settled in, but not during half term.


Kind regards

Mrs Barbara Heath  

Governor Kingsmead School



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