3C's - Developing skills to achieve high aspirations

A number of Kingsmead students are currently undertaking a Raising Aspirations Programme with Mr Truby called  ‘The  3Cs’. The Cs stand for Communication, Character and Challenge. The aim of this programme is to develop these three vital attributes in our students that will give them the self-belief and the toolkit to be able to succeed and achieve their aspirations. Many times people talk about young people needing to ‘dream big’ and aim for lofty ambitions in life, which is of course absolutely true, but in order to do that at Kingsmead we believe that in order to generate and attain high aspirations, they first need the skill set and belief in themselves to be able to go about working towards being the best that they can be and to ‘shoot for the moon’.

The 3Cs students have recently completed the ‘ Communication’ element of the programme, planning and presenting a full live debate in front of an audience! The chosen topic was the positive and negative sides of Social Media. The students worked diligently on their research into statistics around the issue, worked together to plan and script compelling arguments and ideas and rehearsed their responses in a performance environment to prepare themselves. For the majority of these students, it was the very first time they had spoken in public, never mind on such a sensitive issue and in such an informative, in depth manner that was required of them.

In front of a live audience of older students (their peers), our 3Cs participant did fantastically well, taking part in a structured debate that was not only well spoken, they developed an air of confidence and presence as the debate went on, with passionate responses flying in from both sides creating a real sense of considered discussion. They even responded to questions from the audience in a confident manner, wanting to speak up for their opinions and ideas and share them with others.

Already the students on this programme the confidence, resilience and belief the students are developing is clear to see! They have also demonstrated a significant improvement in their application and engagement with school life, evidenced by the amount of house points and big improvements in their progress scores in their subjects.  As we move onto developing Character and the ability to rise to Challenge over the next weeks and months, for sure there will be many more successes to come. Ultimately, the students will be able to apply these skills to enable them to achieve their aspirations and ambitions in the future.


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