15% increase in top A level grades at Kingsmead

Kingsmead students have risen to the challenge set by the more rigorous and demanding A level exams.  Despite the changes to the qualifications nationally, provisional indications are that 82% of grades achieved were A*-C and 50% A*-B.

Mrs M Mincher (Head of School) commented on these results, “We asked so much of our students this year in terms of our expectations and we were delighted at how well they responded.  I am so proud of their achievements and grateful of the on-going support that the new leadership team have received this year.”

Alongside results Kingsmead values producing rounded young people who can confidently secure places at prestigious and highly-competitive universities and employers because of the opportunities they embrace for wider development.  This has allowed the majority of students to secure the university course of their choice. These include Durham, York, Loughborough, UCL and Birmingham.  Several other students have achieved places on higher degree apprenticeship schemes such as Civil Service and JCB.

Special mention should go to Josh Lilly who achieved 3 A* (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics), Dylan Ottey who achieved 1A*, 1A, 1B (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Business Studies) Abigail Malcolm 2As, 2Bs (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry).

Mr Donoghue (CEO of JTMAT) has comment that, “Such pleasing results continues to show that Kingsmead School is growing from strength to strength.  Kingsmead is clearly now a destination of choice for high academic success and expectations.”


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